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Response & Support Opportunities 

As disastrous events have increased over the years, leaders and individuals from across the country have expressed the need for a simple way to identify opportunities to help. 

Established as a result of relational connections between Church, NGO, and Christian business leaders from across the country, Serve Source began in May of 2022 and has focused all efforts on developing this communication platform to support connections and share the most pertinent needs and opportunities.  

When large-scale events occur, you will find direct news links, maps, and partner organizations we believe will be helpful. Bridging the communication gap, we believe God will use every part to bring hope through the Local Church!  

Active Events
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Active Events 

FOX Weather LIVE Feed

6/19/2023 - 1800 (updated)

Monitoring Major Weather system

Texas -> Mississippi

FEMA Regions VI & IV

Texas: *Active*

6/22 - 4 people were killed when a tornado ripped through a small town in northern Texas Wednesday night.

T​he tornado struck Matador, Texas, a town some 80 miles northeast of Lubbock, at 8:11 p.m. 

NEWS STORY - The Weather Channel


6/18 - This morning it's reported that Perryton is down to 1200 power outages with 800 anticipated to reenergized in 24-48 hours.  It's estimated that 400 will not due to structural damage concerns.

In TDEM region 1 there are still over 100k without power.  Harrison and Marrion with the worst impact. 


6/16 - Significant Tornado Damage:

Perryton TX - Population appx 9000

0100 - 3 dead many 75-100 injuries reported as emergency services are still in a rescue mode



Mississippi: *Active*

6/19 - A tornado ripped through the town of Moss Point, MS Monday afternoon, leaving six people injured and damaging 380 buildings. Extensive damage. (Source - WLOX News)

6/20 - Moss Point, MS - FOX Weather Report
Active Organizations

Active Organizations 

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In a time of a developing event, this page will actively share all information available.  Scroll to find maps, news and active organizations.

6/22/2023 (updated)




*Active Response

Perryton TX - Community Worship Center

2210 SW 15th Ave, Perryton, TX 79070

Moss Point MS - First Baptist Church

4807 Main St., Moss Point , MS 39563

Notifications & Communication

Church and partner organizations.  Use this link to share your location updates

Church and partner organizations.  Use this link to join a protected group and collaborate with other leaders. 

Map Resources

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Reported Needs
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Discovering opportunities to connect, collaborate and serve is made easy as you navigate our Active Response Map.  << Click map for full experience

All active areas are identified and shared to help serve the affected areas in a time of crisis.  Click the map for an expanded view of all active areas.  Add your  christian NGO (non-government organization) or Church to the map by clicking the link below.
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Map Resources

6/20/2023 - 1200




*Active Responses

Perryton TX - Victory Family Church

2322 South Main Street, Perryton, TX 79070 

Tulsa, OK Area - Church That Matters

3 W 41st Street, Sand Springs, OK 74063

6/18/2023 - 1200




*Active Response

Perryton TX - Community Worship Center

2210 SW 15th Ave, Perryton, TX 79070

*Contact Basecamp to schedule #469-659-4458

Reported Needs

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6/18/2023 - 1200

Due to high winds damaging power grids in Gregg, Marrion and Harrison Texas Counties...

100k+ homes without power - TDEM

Requested Items:  

- Generators

- Window AC units 

- Shower Trailers

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*Active Response 

Moss Point MS - Rapid Response Division

Heavy Equipment - Specialized Team

Partner Links

Disaster Relief Organizations

Partner Organizations - Click DETAILS for direct website links
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  • Nov 01, 2023, 7:00 PM – Jan 01, 2026, 7:00 PM
    Boone, NC, Boone, NC, USA
    Active Partner Organization - Click DETAILS for a direct link to the website with all opportunities to serve and support.
  • Mar 14, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT
    Online: 1pm-2pm (CST)
    Nonprofits leaders are invited to join us for our bi-monthly online roundtable connection every other month this year of 2024. See below for this month's details!