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Partner Connections

Get Connected to Serve!

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To make it easy for outreach-minded Church, business, and NGO leaders to connect on Blue Sky Days (times outside of disaster)! 

NGO Partners (nonprofit organizations) continually work to serve communities even when major disasters are inactive! Rebuilding homes, working to pre-build boxed resources, or even setting up sustainable kitchens and warehouses (to name a few), we aim to connect leaders directly with organizations who are making it happen!

Church Leaders - This page is a resource to discover organizations who offer short-term mission opportunities for congregational groups to serve outside your immediate community. Most organizations listed have large projects throughout the year and need volunteer support. All you have to do is look!

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Connect. Collaborate. Serve

Discover opportunities and ways to connect directly with trusted faith-based organizations using the map & list below! Not all organizations listed have continuous projects, click the sites below to learn more about each partner. Serve Source is not responsible for projects or scheduling.  
Orgs List
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