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History & Overview

Serve Source™ is a connection point developed to support collaboration!  Through dedicated channels of communication and focused tools, we connect Church leaders, Nonprofits, and disaster response leaders in and out of times of disasters. The Serve Source platform (Online & App) is also available to individuals who are looking for opportunities to serve communities in times of disaster.

0:00 - Intro and Explanation

3:15 - How it started

6:26 - What it is about

7:17 - Why Serve Source

11:00 - Power of Connections

13:07 - Website Overview beginning

14:18 - Disaster Response Leader

15:17 - Active Disaster Events

22:01 - Leader Connections “Blue Sky”

25:53 - Network Connections

26:56 - Partner Connections

29:01 - Online/In-Person Events

31:13 - Contact Us/Donate

32:10 - APP Overview

37:37 - Thank you

Serve Source Disaster Response

Join US

Serve Source™ is a communication and resource development tool for church and faith-based organization leaders across the nation. Our focus is supporting leaders to connect, collaborate, and serve in and out of disaster, create opportunities for relational connections, and develop consistent support for any community impacted by disaster! As a national collaboration of Church and Christian nonprofit leaders connecting communities for the work of Christ in and out of times of disaster, our heart is to make the Local Church the Hero!

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