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Slidell, LA 🌪

Updated: 1 day ago

04/12/2024: Update 1200

SLIDELL, LA. - Reports of 700 homes / 50 businesses have been affected by this F1 tornado in Slidell, LA. Many disaster response partners and church connections are actively serving in Slidell. All Active Organizations and information links to help you connect and support the efforts of recovery listed below.

04/10/2024: Update 2100

SLIDELL, LA. — "A tornado that the National Weather Service categorizes as "at least an EF-1," slammed into the southern part of Slidell causing extensive damage and multiple injuries and knocking out power to 26,000 customers Wednesday." 4WWL News Story


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Unknown member
Apr 11

Hi All,

We are helping with Point of Distribution for supplies.

Anyone impacted and who needs resources can go to Fritchie Park. Currently it is closed for restock and will open back at 5:30p. This is a city designated space.

Food, water, ice. Tarps are out of stock, and we are working to restock.

Fritchie Park

905 W Howze Beach Rd

Slidell La


Unknown member
Apr 10

Unknown member
Apr 10

Hey guys, I am reading that Slidell may have had as many as 3 different tornadoes. Also says significant damage across the area. Does anyone have any concrete info?


Unknown member
Apr 10

We are getting hail tonight in Austin TX area but no tornadoes.

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