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Mayfield Kentucky - Flooding

Updated: Oct 8, 2023


7/21/23 - 0600hrs

Mayfield, KY - After severe flooding this past week, reported 30-40 homes are in need of HELP with mud out and there is a very limited response. HIS HOUSE Church is setting up for clean up over the next couple of days with a big SERVE Saturday - HELP IS NEEDED. Best resource for information is to go to HIS HOUSE Church Facebook page.

7/19/23 - 1200hrs

Mayfield, KY - Reports of major flooding are coming from this Kentucky area as over 10 inches have fallen in the Grave County region. Fox Weather Report

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Active Organizations

HIS House Church is active in Mayfield Kentucky. This is home and they are serving it well! Help is needed through the weekend for anyone in proximity to come out and serve. Click HIS HOUSE CHURCH or the logo above to connect to the His House Facebook page for updates and details.


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