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Israel-Hammas War

Updated: Mar 2

Updated: Oct 25, 2023 - Our team is monitoring the development of this war, as you all are. Our focus is to support communication and resource development with regional partners. Because of the sensitivity of this event, only verified information will be shared when appropriate. However, we will continue to add ways you can support through the 'Active Organizations' tab below. All partners wanting to be listed, please notify our team through our 'Disaster Response Communication' channels. There are now many ways to support efforts through trusted partners. See below

Oct, 07, 2023 - Israel/Gaza

Israel's security cabinet officially declared war Saturday night after Hamas terrorists launched a surprise barrage of thousands of rockets into southern Israel, killing hundreds and wounding thousands, according to Israeli media. Israeli soldiers battled Hamas fighters in the streets of southern Israel a day after Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists invaded the area and launched rockets from the Gaza Strip, killing at least 600 Israelis and wounding at least 2,000 others. Israeli forces launched retaliatory strikes against Hamas terrorists in Gaza on Sunday, while also trading fire with Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group in the north. FOX News Convoy of Hope

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Active Organizations

Updated: 10/25/2023


In addition to distributing grocery boxes to communities on the border of Gaza, our chef team is working alongside local cooks in central Israel to prepare over 1,000 hot, nutritious meals per day. Working with brave local partners, we are delivering these hot meals into the areas of greatest need. Mercy Chefs Israel


Samaritan’s Purse has deployed our Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to Israel to support local partners bringing relief to those displaced by the recent brutal attacks. This assistance includes providing hot meals and other basic necessities. Samaritan's Purse Israel


Convoy of Hope is responding to the conflict in the Middle East, working with multiple partners in the region to ensure devastated families receive vital relief supplies. Containers of diapers, clothing, and other supplies are en route to the region while hundreds of food kits are already being distributed. Convoy of Hope


CityServe Israel is responding to recent terrorist attacks by resourcing local churches, synagogues & partnering organizations to offer help and hope in devastated communities. CityServe Israel is launching a full scale emergency response. CityServe Israel


Get Connected to other Christian Leaders who are responding to this event and others by joining our Disaster Response - Leader Connection online Group and through the Serve Source APP.

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