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Serve Source

Vision: To develop and deploy customized tools and build relational connection; unifying local and global Christian leaders to effectively and efficiently deliver the Hope of Christ in every community they serve.

"We support churches and bible-based organizations as they uniquely serve communities across the nation and around the globe."

Serve Source Disaster Response
Serve Source Disaster Response

A New Level Of Serving Success

Today we see it, we feel it, and as disaster response leaders (church or organizational) we do our best to identify opportunities for The Church to serve its neighbors, communities, and even those affected by disastrous events across the country and around the world.


WHY? Because we Love God and we Love People!


We truly believe sharing the Love of Christ through ACTION demonstrates and declares His love without saying a word. Mark 10:41-45

Serve Source™ is a COMMUNICATION PLATFORM developed for Bible based Church and nonprofit leaders to find each other during disasters.

Let's Connect And Start Communicating

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