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Connecting to Deliver Hope in Every Community


don't do it alone

Serving your community alone in a time of crisis can feel overwhelming.  Making connections outside of a major disaster is the key! 


Church leaders, local non-profits, NGOs (non-government orgs), Christian business leaders, and local government officials connect around the country with the goal of serving their communities. Discussion topics focus on supporting foster children, single moms, homeless, hungry, jobless, teachers, pregnant teens, refugees, and even disaster response - to name a few.  However, many leaders are looking for ways to get connected and need a place to start!

 Serve Source is a communication tool developed to support community connections and help connect the dots of relationships and resources.  Multiply your efforts by getting connected with other like-minded leaders from around the country and in your community!


Through years of experience, we have learned the simplest form of relationship goes a long way in a significant emergency.  We truly believe the purpose of collaborating outside of times of disaster is to discover points of contact that help build relationships before a desperate need occurs. 

Serve Source is a neutral platform available for community leaders who desire to collaborate around local community needs.  Get connected to discover other like-minded leaders, and let the collaboration begin!  We believe connections happen in a ROUNDTABLE setting where all involved are included in the conversation, and contributions lead to delivering the Hope of Christ! 


Connections and collaboration lead to identifying real needs and serving communities in tangible ways to share the love of Christ! Serve Source is a resource created to help make connections and the implementation of action easy for local church leaders and partner organizations in and outside of times of disaster. By collaborating to discuss the most significant needs, we believe The Local Church will become the Hero in every community as it serves! Get connected to find a local ROUNDTABLE!  This is where we connect, collaborate, and open the doors of communication to further opportunities of serving our communities!

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Developed as a neutral platform to share information and resources during hurricane IDA, a relational network of church leaders, NGOs, and non-profit leaders discovered the benefit of continuing the collaboration.  Serve Source was created as an online COMMUNICATION TOOL helping to make it easy for Christian leaders to connect in and out of times of disaster.  Now, with an expanded focus on connecting the dots of relationships, supporting and encouraging collaboration between Christian organizations to serve the "Big C" Church, Serve Source is not a disaster relief organization, we are a support structure for serving communities well! Offering a unique blend of communication tools, the very best in GIS mapping systems, event coordination support, and online and in-person roundtable connection opportunities we truly believe we are Better Together! 

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