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Supporting the people who support our community's most vulnerable

Who Supports Those Who Support Us?

Far too often we don't think about supporting the organizations that do the heavy lifting, picking up the pieces and helping our neighbors rebuild their lives when tragedy strikes.  

Here at Serve Source™ we do just that. 

Who We Help

We connect Bible based non-profits and Church leaders before, during and after disasters.  Through our proprietary resources we help to connect, empower, and build up communities near and far.

Serve Source Disaster Response
Serve Source Mapping Tool

How We Help

Building Tools That Help Serve The Community Better

Most people don't realize the lack of connection between all of the organizations involved in a disaster response.

Beside relationship building and resource sharing, Serve Source™ offers a unique blend of communication tools.

From the very best in GIS mapping systems, event coordination support, and online and in-person roundtable connection opportunities we truly believe we are Better Together! 

Serve Source

How YOU Can Help

Our community and its needs are ever-growing. Governments can do what they can. But when disasters hit, it is all hands on deck deliver hope and point back to the local church. 


That’s where you and I come in.

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