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A primary focus of Serve Source™ is supporting Bible based Church Leaders who, day in and day out, serve their Lead Pastors and Church by implementing the vision for community engagement.  We know working to build strategies, organizing teams, building leadership, and encouraging others to serve outside the walls of the Church can be challenging.​​

Topics Include (not limited to):

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Community Engagement

  • Organizational Strategies

  • Leadership Development

  • Creative Fundraising

  • Serving Your Customer

  • Workforce (Paid/Volunteer)

  • Utilizing ICS For Anything

Monthly Outreach Roundtables are developing across the nation (online), creating space for connections and collaboration to take place!  As relationships develop, ideas and strategies become easy for like-minded leaders who share lessons learned and gain knowledge from each other through intentional collaboration. 

*No Fees, No Membership, No Obligation - Come and go as you please!*
Let's Connect

We truly believe CONNECTIONS impact the world!  With thousands of incredible organizations and leaders around the country working to better their communities, we have discovered an opportunity to assist by offering a platform for connections between like-minded leaders!  Proverbs 27:17, Hebrews 10:24-25, Ephesians 4:16

Here is how to get started.

1. Click the "Join Us" button and complete the form

2. Our team will email you letting you know that you are in (usually within a day from your submittal) once we verify you are the real deal.

3. Use the log in menu in our main navigation to log in and start connecting.

Image by Jack Sharp
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