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Columbia, TN 🌪

Updated: 5 hours ago

05/09/2024: Update - "A tornado touched down in Maury County in eastern Columbia off Bear Creek Pike, resulting in one death, according to Maury County Regional Hospital. Four others were injured after a confirmed tornado by the National Weather Service ripped through eastern Columbia as heavy storms brought hail, rain, high winds and flying debris to other parts of Maury County and Middle Tennessee Wednesday."


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Unknown member
6 days ago

Minuteman has served 4 homeowners so far and more work orders tomorrow. The need here is great and I believe there is plenty of tree work where help will be needed for a few weeks, so if anyone can come that would be great.


Unknown member
May 12

Minuteman Disaster Response is deploying to Columbia Tennessee starting Monday, May 13 through Friday, May 17. We will have multiple chainsaw teams and two skid steers in operation. If we can be of assistance, please let us know.


Unknown member
May 12

Could still use skilled chainsaw crews in Columbia, TN. 105 homes damaged, 21 destroyed, 1 fatality, 12 hospitalized, thousands of downed trees. A local church has offered a gym with full kitchen for volunteers (no showers).

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