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Serve Source Disaster Response

The Ways We Serve

Serve Source™ is a connection point for collaboration!  Through dedicated channels of communication and focused tools, we connect Church leaders, Nonprofits, and disaster response leaders in and out of times of disasters.

2. Next Level Success through Connections!

Through continued connections and resource development tools, our hope is that you are able to serve your community to the next level because you are known. As like-minded leaders from across the country and around the world connect, ways to support each other become clearly defined.  It all starts with getting connected!

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1. Resource Development & Specialized Communication Tools

Success doesn't happen solo. From our GIS mapping systems to best practices when it comes to workforce and donation management.  Our goal is to support Churches and Bible based organizations who are working hard everyday to serve communities across the country and around the globe sharing the love of Christ! At Serve Source we create a space for relationships and share the tools community serving organizations need to serve more, support more, and be more successful at their mission.

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Serve Source Disaster Response

Join US

Serve Source™ is free to Bible based churches and organizations across the nation.  Building relationship platforms before significant disaster events.  As a national collaboration of Church and Christian nonprofit leaders connecting communities for the work of Christ in and out of times of disaster, our heart is to make the local Church the Hero!

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