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VOAD Groups

VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters) means one or coalition of (usually not-for-profitSecond Responder organizations in the United States. These groups voluntarily help survivors after a disaster. VOAD members cannot activate, direct, or supervise one another without a special agreement (such as a MOU).


The term "VOAD" is ambiguous, with at least five meanings:

  1. VOAD Movement

  2. VOAD Chapters

  3. Informal VOAD Networks

  4. VOAD Member Organizations

  5. Any Voluntary Organization(s) Active in a Disaster

Note: Serve Source is strictly a communication platform provided to VOADs who have requested assistance.  Each VOAD group within Serve Source is managed by ADMINs from within the VOAD.  Serve Source is not responsible for admittance or follow up of questions within the group.  Please contact the VOAD through their websites for questions and comments.

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