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February 21-22, 2023

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Disaster Response Roundtab

The 2 day Roundtable is over.  But, the collaboration has just begun!  Church and Christian Disaster Response leaders, Click the link above to join a community of leaders continuing the connections! 


This is where we focus on connecting, sharing lessons learned, and collaborating on pre-disaster planning techniques from a Church perspective.


Get Connected and grow with like-minded leaders as you step into 2023!

​*Active approval process in place for all new log ins




  • Kingdom Focused 

  • The Church is the HERO

  • Better Together!

  • Communication & Resource Development

Serve Source Disaster Response Event

It's all about "Relationship"

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February 21-22, 2023

Get Connected

Unique outreach tools and proven processes will be shared to equip leaders through the 2-day Roundtable event. Main sessions and breakouts allow all participants to grow and learn from experienced Pastors and some of the nation's most respected disaster response leaders from across the country.


The Life Church - HOUSTON LEVEE

650 Houston Hill Road, Eads, TN 38028



  8:30 am - Doors Open
  9:00 am - Sessions Begin
       Lunch Provided
  5:00 pm - Dinner Provided

Wednesday 22nd
  8:30 am - Doors Open
  9:00 am - Sessions Begin
       Lunch Provided
  3:00 pm - Dismiss


  • Is this App for Everyone?
    Short Answer: NO. This App is built to support communication between a specific group of church and disaster response leaders. However, some of our resource pages are accessible and a great help for the General Public. Stories & Updates and our Disasters tab below will share updated information for anyone to view as major events develop and response plans are shared.
  • Is Serve Source Disaster Response only?
    Short answer: NO - Serve Source is a platform created to support the communication and resource development in and outside of times of major disaster. Connecting leaders who share their good work and opportunities for others to find and join in is our key function. Although we work with many Disaster Response organizations and Churches across the nation, everyone is welcome to use our App, shared information and mapping tools. When a time of major disaster happens, click our 'Disasters' tab to find all of the available News, Active Organizations and even a Response Map. Once you click on a partners link or find an opportunity to support... go for it! And take some friends to help.
  • Is Serve Source a Christian Organization?
    Answer: 100%! Our team consists of Church leaders from across the county and everything we do is unashamedly to serve people and share the love of Christ. There is no denominational boundary; we are bible based and believe Jesus Christ is the Hope of the world and our city! Every organization we work with and consider partners hold the same values. When you click a partner link from Serve Source to get connected, support or serve you will quickly discover the heartbeat and desire of each organization listed is to love God and love people! Mark 10:45, Mark 12:30-31 *All are welcome to use the Serve Source App and platform!
  • What are Groups?
    Answer: Groups are a major function of what we call "Blue Sky Days" Communication (times outside of major disaster) and a large part of what we do at Serve Source. Everyone says "It's all about Relationship"... Our Groups are an answer to how we can help support relationships by offering a space for them grow! Below is a list of the types of leader groups you will find on our App and Website. All of our Groups are 'Private Groups' where specific leaders connect and grow community. Some of these groups are viewable to all and if you are a leader who sees a group that interests you, all you have to do is click the 'Request to Join' button and one of the designated Admins will make sure to get you connected if it's a good fit! Not every Group is for everyone. Example: If you are a church leader in New York and 'Request to Join' the ATX Outreach Connection (Austin, TX) ... It's not a good fit. Our team will respond to help you find a better connection or discuss helping you start a Group for your geographical area! Private Groups include: - Disaster Response - Leader Connection - National Nonprofit - Leader Connection - National Outreach - Leader Connection - ATX Outreach Connection - Church Leader Connection - Mid-South Connection - Church Leader Connection - Haiti Connection - Church & Org Leader Connection *We have seen God work though the collaboration of His leaders who focus on connections and collaboration. If you are a Church leader and want to learn more about how Serve Source can support your efforts, email - This is a service we provide because of the support of our generous partners! Finally we have specific 'Hidden/Private' groups for leaders who are planning and working together throughout the year to develop communication processes, resources and trainings. These are invite only groups and are smaller in number than the ones listed above. Any questions about Groups - Email
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