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Partner Highlight:

This year, thanks to an incredible connection we have received several truckloads of Niagara water to serve our partners and communities across the country! Special thanks to Niagara Bottling Company & Niagara Cares for making it happen!

Here are a couple of pics from a couple of deliveries. THANK YOU!

January 2023 was a rough one for Eastern Kentucky and partner organizations like Mercy Chefs responded in a big way! Niagara Bottling provided a full truck load to help support!

We are so thankful for everyone who made sure this load was picked up and delivered to the teams who were feeding Body and Soul to thousands day after day!

More recently (June 2023) in support of the communities in and near Longview Texas, Niagara Bottling sent another truckload to serve thousands of families who were suffering a major power outage with 100+ temperatures. Thanks to Dennis Harris (Church of the Highlands) and the ARC connection with Grace Creek Church who were the hands and feet on the ground!

Thank you again to Niagara Bottling Company for giving us the opportunity to connect your resources to those with the most need!

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