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When Crisis Hits

what do we all need?

We All Need Communication

Think about the last time a crisis hit… be it a tornado spotted in your neighborhood, you lost your job, you haven’t seen your elderly neighbor in a bit… no matter the crisis- clear, direct communication is key. 


Our disaster response and non-profits feel the same way.


Yet, a clear, direct communication platform for nonprofits, disaster relief, and church organizations to coordinate, collaborate, and connect simply doesn’t exist on a local or national level. We want to change that.


Supporting The Success Of Those Who Support Us

With your donation of any amount, you can help us build this life saving communication platform and opportunity for Bible based organizations across the country to connect, collaborate, and serve their community on a higher level.

Because when we can support the people and organizations who are the front lines within our communities, we serve all of our community.

Yes, your donation will make a big difference and together to the people who serve your community as well as the people they serve. 

The Servant Of Many

By partnering with us, you support the good work happening across your community and with a variety of nonprofits. Yes, with your donation, you are helping the people who help the most vulnerable in your community every single day. 

With our monthly Talon Keeper program, we stand on Matthew 25:14-30.

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