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Outreach Leader Connections

Initiated by an incredible group of Pastors and Church Outreach leaders in 2021, the ATX Outreach Connection was formed to develop relationships across denominational lines, bridging the communication and resource development gap in the City of Austin, Texas. Serve Source is honored to serve this thriving greater Austin area Outreach Connection and share its model of success with other cities and communities today utilizing our customized platform and collaboration tools! If you are a Church Leader in the area of one of the Connections below, join in! If not, contact us to discuss the possibility of building a group in your city utilizing our online mapping tools and free support. It's all about connection! You are also welcome to join our National Outreach Leaders Online Connection, available each month!

Each new Connection is provided with an information page, a protected online group, shared meeting outlines, a community connections survey, and a map for sharing local resources.
Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or comments or to get a Connection started in your city!

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