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Active Disaster Events
Updated: March 31, 2023

Warnings and Updates

Tracking active events by sharing LIVE weather feeds and hearing from you is the focus of this page.  We will activate as needed due Active Events that have large scale impact.  Partners and general community are encouraged to share updates through our 'COMMENTS' Section below.

With ACTIVE RESPONSES already taking place in Mississippi, Arkansas and Iowa, we want to best communicate and share the response and serve opportunities of NGO (Non Government Organizations) & Churches with those who can help.  If you are mobilizing a Facility of RESPONSE such as Feeding, Warehousing, Resource Center, Volunteer Management, Staging Area or any other and have a DIRECT LINK to how Churches, Businesses and Individuals can get involved to serve or support, please fill out the 'RESPONSE NOTIFICATION - Active Church/Organization' below.

Looking for a place to get involved and support?  Click an 'Active Event Link' below to find details from partner organizations and Churches across the country who are set up and serving.

This Page is ONLY active in severe events

Active Event Links
LIVE Weather
FOX Weather LIVE Feed
TRD Pro Storm Chasers LIVE feed
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Event Chat
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Sharing a comment or an update of response could be the very thing that encourages another volunteer group, business or individual to get involved to support. If you have had an experience in one of these events you would like to share, or have an opportunity others can help with, this is a great place to share...


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