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Active Disaster Events

Response & Support Opportunities

As disastrous events have increased over the years, leaders and individuals from across the country have expressed the need for a simple way to identify opportunities to help. 

Established as a result of relational connections between Church, Nonprofit, and Disaster Response leaders from across the country, Serve Source began in May of 2022 and has focused all efforts on developing this communication platform to support connections and share the most pertinent needs and opportunities.  

When large-scale events occur, you will find direct news links, maps, and partner organizations we believe will be helpful. Bridging the communication gap, we believe God will use every part to bring hope through the Local Church.

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News Updates
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News Updates

FOX Weather LIVE


With a very active April-May of 2024, June 1st is the official beginning of hurricane season. "Hurricane experts push forward with an aggressive forecast" (FOX Weather Story).

NOAA Prediction 

We are praying the anticipated forecasts are incorrect, however we must all prepare for the worst. Don't wait to prepare your home and family. READY.GOV is a great place to start. 


Note: Our team and partners are constantly monitoring conditions across the nation and around the world.  But we need your help!  If you are in an area of impact or have first hand information, please share using the button below. 

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Active Events

Active Events

When major events occur, you will find our greatest resourced information here. 

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